Beauty, meet simplicity stunning landscapes

Michelle Durrant Photography 2017 NZ National Geographic Photographer of the Year Finalist brings you New Zealand Landscape rarely seen before.

I travel our beautiful country, "Aotearoa", in pursuit of the "One" image that stands out in the crowd. I describe my style as more of an artist with technical skills with an eye for a different perspective of our unique landscape.


"A renowned international photographer once described Michelle as "Exceptional" in her first year of photography. The skills she has accumulated and accomplished in a short space of time has been phenomenal, focused and inspirational. Always true to her art, Michelle has truely enforced the principles of photography by capturing real world beauty.
Exceptional is the only word to describe Michelle and her photography."

Chanthavee Samountry

"One thing that creates a ‘pause’ for me when viewing art is being able to locate the nature of the artist within the work.  Touring the recent exhibition of Michelle Durrant was as if watching a documentary of personal moments in ethereal places. The sense the viewer has is that of ‘tapu,’ the terrain seeming private and untouched with the insinuation there is no one there except the photographer and the land. We are privileged in the photography of Michelle to be visually exported to these hidden gems.

My engagement with Michelle as an artist exhibiting in our Gallery exemplifies the quality of her work; it is at a high professional standard. She is competent in her own curatorial abilities, displaying a level of maturity in the presentation of her work. This fortifies Michelle’s courier as an artist and is a trajection into a successful future."

Yvonne Abercrombie, MDes - Kumeu Art Centre